Call for Papers: Integration of land use and transport models

Call for Papers
Integration of land use and transport models: A new generation of integration methods

A Special Section to be published in the Journal of Transport and Land Use, an open-access, peer-reviewed journal

Since Ira Lowry developed his Model of Metropolis in the early 1960s, the integration of land use and transport has essentially remained unchanged. The land use model provides the location of population and employment that are used in the transport model to generate travel demand. Conversely, the transport model provides zone-to-zone travel times that are used in the land use model to calculate accessibilities that affect location choice of population and employment. Details have improved over the last 50 years, but in essence, the land use/transport integration methods remained unchanged.

New requirements of integrated land use/transport models call for improved integration methods. Nowadays, integrated models are used to analyze the impact of pricing scenarios, understand implications on equity issues and assess energy usage and environmental impacts. Newer models also call for more detail, yet runtimes need to be limited at the same time.

This call for papers requests unpublished and novel contributions in the field of model integration. Topics of particular interest include:
- The need for more efficient integrated models that are capable of running many scenarios within a few days or even hours
- The need for more detailed integrated models that are able to answer more complex policy questions (which may become a counter-point to the first bullet point)
- Frameworks for multi-scale models that integrate across different spatial and temporal resolutions as well as policy domains
- The value of integrating models other than land use and transport, such as pedestrian models, Dynamic Traffic Assignments, health models, environmental impact models, etc.

Please send an abstract of your paper idea to the editor of this special section, Rolf Moeckel ( by December 15th, 2016. Full papers are due on February 28th, 2017. All papers will go through the regular peer-review process. Papers accepted for publication require the payment of a publication fee of US$500. Published papers will be available open-access and free of charge at Guidelines for authors to prepare papers can be found here: